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Tablet Apps to Give You the Pleasure of Art Making

Aug 24

Drawing Tablet HD ProDo you love to draw or wish to convey your creativity? Today’s high-end tech savvy generation takes a step forward to assist you in expressing your creative skill to the fullest. You have plethora of stunning apps that you can easily use to display your creativity in the digital form. Gone are the days when you have to stick to paper, pencil and colors to draw something. Now, it is the world of digital art.

In this present modern world what you need for art display is good imaginative power and a stylus or your finger. Make your creative thoughts beautiful with some latest tablet apps! So, take a break and besides storing only content in your tablets, create artistic display in the same. Whether you are a serious artist or just want to have a wonderful pastime by creating art, here are some apps for you.

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Wacom Realism: a stylus with a color scanner

Apr 21

Wacom Realism: a stylus with a color scannerThe designer whose name is Majel Korytar is a true professional, since he knows for sure what an artist needs. Modern artists need simple, intuitive and exact implement for self-expression. There are required place for drawing and functional tools for color controlling. The concept was named as Wacom Realism.

Wacom Realism is a set of a tablet computer and the electronic stylus. One tip of the stylus recognizes press level, other – has the color scanner. The user can switch on the scanner, touch some color with it, then Realism catches the color of the point it touched and a rim light diode reproduces this color.

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WHAT computer tablet for drawing TO CHOOSE?

Nov 20

WHAT computer tablet for drawing TO CHOOSE?Now I will try to answer it specifically and shortly.

The size А6 should be chosen, only you need such a small graphics pad, for example, as pair for your laptop.

I would not advise Intuos A6 therefore a difference in the price is significant, and you will not feel advantages of Intuos on such size. You should choose А5 or А4 in all other cases.

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Digital drawing pens

Nov 11

Digital drawing pensEspecially for professional series Intuos Wacom offers various pens. For Bamboo fun pad these pens do not approach.

At once I will tell, in my opinion, different digital drawing pens do not give significant advantage in work therefore I consider they are superfluous frippery and waste of money.

Digital drawing pens differ with design and some additional features in work.The computer tablets for drawing recognize various pens therefore for each of them it is possible to adjust an individual sensitivity.

However in practice, an artist usually adjusts a pen sensitivity, which is convenient for work, once and doesn’t return to this question any more.

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Replacement Nibs for tablets drawing

Nov 11

Replacement Nibs for tablets drawingA plastic nibs of the pen is erased eventually. Depending on intensity of work and applied strength it takes 2-3 months for some types, and it takes half a year-year for another types. The nib can be got easily with tweezers and you can put another one to its place. Usually they go in a set.

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The size of a pad

Nov 04

 computer tablet for drawingAccuracy and convenience of your work depends on the size of your working surface. Unconditionally, the size makes a strong impact on the computer tablets for drawing price.

- The smallest size is А6. Personally it is not enough for comfortable work. It is possible to draw, but a lack of accuracy is felt, it is necessary to make micromotions with a hand and to use a zoom very often to specify something in the picture.

However some artists produce real masterpieces even on such a tiny drawing tablet and they say that it is enough for them.

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How to choose a brand

Nov 04

computer tablet for drawingIf you need a computer tablet for drawing for professional work or you just don’t want to have an extra headache, select Wacom – you won’t make a mistake!
So, you have such a barefaced advertizing here.
But it is based on a personal experience.
During years of work I tried to use many graphics pads, including other brands: Aiptek, Genius, Wacom (series ArtPad, Volito, Graphire, bamboo fun pad, Intuos, Cintiq, PL).

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Functional concept

Nov 04

computer tablets for drawingThe main working part in the modern computer tablets for drawing is also a network made of wires (or printing conductors), similar to that which was in RAND Tablet (Graphic converter). This grid has a quite big pitch (3—6 mm), but a mechanism of position registration of a pen allows to receive a step of information reading which is much less than a slot pitch (up to 200 lines in mm).

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Vorige postjes

Drawing Pad for Computer are applied for images creation on the computer by a method which is as much as possible approached to that how images are created on a paper, and also for a usual work with interfaces which don’t require a relative input (though the input of relative relocations by means of a graphics pad is possible, it is often very inconvenient). Besides, computer tablets for drawing are convenient for ready images transfer to the computer.

Some programs of an instant messaging (for example, MSN Messenger (now Windows Live Messenger) and Skype) allow users, who have a drawing pad, to show drawn images interactive to the subscriber on other end.
Some such applications have function of joint editing of images (English whiteboard) with usage, for example, Jabber protocols. Among them there are IM client Coccinella, IM client Tkabber and graphics editor Inkscape. Whiteboard support is also developed for Jabber Psi client.

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